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Welcome to WoW Health Solutions, a platform that connects high quality healthcare providers to motivated patients, free from the constraints and vagaries of the insurance industry.

Simply register via our secure app, search for healthcare providers with displayed cost of services, and make an appointment. With our comprehensive network, you have access to doctors, medications, labs, radiology, and our ever growing line of services. We can not control healthcare insurance costs but we can connect you directly to the healthcare providers so everyone can save money and time. WoW empowers you to have price transparency and access to your health records.

As an example, a 50-year old adult with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can obtain their care for less than $40 per month which includes 2 doctor visits per year, 5 of the most commonly prescribed medications for the listed conditions, and labs twice a year. That is less than your monthly phone bill!!

With our sophisticated system, you can have sub-accounts for your children, share your WoW wallet with other members, accept payments into your wallet, and even gift money to others for their healthcare needs. You can elect to contribute weekly or monthly to your wallet with the confidence that while you are building a fund for yourself, your money never expires nor incurs any fees. You also have the option to just pay for any needed services with your credit card at the time of your appointment. If your employer is participating in the WoW Health Solutions, they can also allocate money for your use...actual money that you can benefit from, not just premiums for health insurance leaving you still responsible for ridiculous copays and deductibles without any insight into the actual cost of your care until after the fact.

Join the movement to bring free market healthcare where you have the choice for your care at steep discounts...and with each referral for a new member, we will add to your wallet for your healthcare needs...rewarding you for spreading good!!

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